Who is Elairyx?

Elairyx is a YouTuber who mainly plays games from the "Super Mario" series as well as from the "Five Nights At Freddy's" series by Scott Cawthon. These include the following games:



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Five Nights At Freddy's

In Five Nights At Freddy's 1 are four animatronics roaming free trying to locate and kill you. Shut the doors, use your light and watch the security cameras to check where they are. Can you survive your shift?

The mechanics sound too simple:
Whenever anyone is outside your door, close it. That's it. However, as higher the difficulty of the animatronics the faster they move and you've only got a limited amount of power, which is running thinner with each night. It will quickly become a big juggle between checking camera, light, closing/opening doors while conserving as much power as possible.

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FNAF: Master Manual

Over the years, I've learned how this game works because I was very curious how a game this simple is made. I put weeks and months of research into it, thought way too much about everything and have finally got myself around to write everything down I've figured out about this game.

Visit the manual!

This manual took over a year to make. I don't expect many people to find or look at it but if you did and you found it useful then I have achieved my goal. Thank you.

Own Games

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Seven Nights At Rikey's

Yes, I made a FNAF fangame.
This is also my first ever game.

Welcome to Rikey's! - A FNAF fangame that will challenge you to survive your new night shift in a hautend pizzeria when there are malfunctioning and dangerous animatronic robots trying to locate and kill you.

The game features:

  • 12 characters
  • 7 regular nights
  • 1 Bonus night
  • Custom night
  • 7 pre-set challenges
  • Cheats and game modifiers
  • Lots of secrets and easter eggs
  • Lots of 'jumpscares'

Download (Win/Mac/Lin)

- Sorry -

The game is currently only available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Please download the game from a desktop computer or visit the GameJolt page with this link: gamejolt.com/snar